Should I Buy the OontZ or the OontZ Angle?

Both the OontZ and the OontZ Angle ultra-portable wireless Bluetooth speakers have amazing sound and surprising volume. They are both stereo with two precision drivers and up to 10 hours of battery life. How to decide which is perfect for you: The OontZ is all about Bass -- we engineered the OontZ to provide slightly more bass than the OontZ Angle by designing in a passive radiator. The OontZ Angle is all about Sleek -- it has a really cool triangular design and it is ultra-lightweight at only 9 ounces. They both are excellent choices, you’ll love them both!

  • Curved Ergonomic Design
  • Two Precision Drivers
  • Passive Radiator for Extra Bass
  • 10oz.
  • Cool & Sleek Design with Curved Angles
  • Two Precision Drivers
  • 9oz.

If you still can’t decide, buy them both! You will love both of them!

Amazing Sound for iPhone, iPad, Smartphones, Notebooks, and MacBooks.

Listen to Your Music, YouTube, Games & Movies in High Quality Anywhere You Are

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