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Amazon Reviews for the OontZ Angle 3

Cambridge Soundworks should win an award for this one!, 2015-10-09

By William

After reading a number of good reviews on the OontZ 3 , I decided to try one. The price was low enough to take the risk and so I gave it a shot. When the package arrived, the box was rather small and I thought it was perhaps the wrong item because no speaker system that received such great reviews could possibly come in such a small box ! I was even more surprised when I opened the box to find the item exactly as the image portrayed in the ad and started to laugh thinking that there couldn't be so many people that believe this thing could possibly do what they said it would. I figured for the price it wasn't even worth it for me to send it back so I decided to have some fun with the little thing. Plugged in my Sony MP-3 player and fired it up as the unit did come partially charged. Instructions were easy enough to follow as the diagram clearly showed what every button and indicator light would do as well as the inputs for non wireless items and usb charging. I initially kept the volume low so as not to destroy the little thing right off but quickly discovered that increasing the volume did not bring about any distortion ! The clarity, fidelity of sound was amazing ! OK, so it wasn't as loud as the Bose but... I had it outside on my deck and my brother and I could feel the bass vibrations in the decking boards ! My wife came home while we were now "blasting" this thing and asked me to turn it down so we could speak ! She was totally blown away by what it could do and how clear it sounded. Next was to try the blue tooth side for my cell phone in the car to see how well it would perform as a hands free speaker system. Yet again it was outstanding ! This thing is so amazing sounding and SO portable, it's easier to move around than the Bose or any other player we have. It just replaced all of them because it takes up virtually no room at all... can be placed just about anywhere, even hidden from view and fill the area with great fidelity no matter what you are playing. I tested it with a variety of recordings to see if there would be any discrepencies in the sound quality. Clannad, The Doors, Motown, Jimi Hendrix, Moody Blues and many others all performing and sounding fantastic ! I use it on my patio when friends are over and can simply pickup the speaker and MP-3 player with one hand and move it to the kitchen counter.... the dining room for background music, etc... "They" say it's great for college dorms and I'm sure it is but it goes well beyond the dorm my friends ! My brother is ordering one to use with his laptop as an external monitor... again... so much more space saving than his old conventional monitor. It doesn't have a powered sub woofer but he said the bass is more than sufficient from such a tiny, portable unit ! We made comparisons to other systems... called it the working mans Bose and even made jokes that it was designed with "alien technology"... who knows ? Mebbe ? The engineers at Cambridge did a magnificent job on this one and even though it is built in China, you will NOT second guess the quality of this item ! I will be ordering a few more as gifts before someone realizes what a winner this is and the price starts to skyrocket or they become back ordered for a year due to demand !! Can I say more ?? Probably ! But I will simply end with this one closing remark.... "BUY ONE AND SEE" ! Read on

This is an AMAZING speaker! Small in size but BIG in sound, 2015-10-13

By Dr. Robert N. Meili

This is an AMAZING speaker! Small in size but BIG in sound! I have bought three so far. I highly recommend it! Read on

Amazing!, 2015-10-13

By Howard L. Jacobs

Amazing sound from such an itty-bitty thingamabob! Read on

and recommended it highly, 2015-10-06

By Maureen

My close friend purchased an OontZ speaker about a year ago and she loves it, and recommended it highly. I was over the moon when my hubby surprised me with this OontZ Angle 3 as it says it is their new one and I am so pleased. It is even louder than my friend's OontZ and it so much better than the other speaker we purchased from Dnight which is the same price, I am returning that one today they claim it is better than their original, which makes me wonder how bad their original is. I play the OontZ in my car and it sounds great and is loud enough that I can have the windows down even in city driving. Thank you OontZ people!!!! Thank you!!! Read on

Excellent sound quality, very loud, great voice clarity! Great battery life 6+ hours on high volume, bass is there but lacking, 2015-09-13

By JJ Tech Enthusiast

OontZ Angle3 As advertised it is louder and does have more bass, still more of just a thump and a bump than anything real substantial, but it does help the effect rather than have no bass at all… - Excellent sound and voice quality... Lacking in bass but it still has some, better than most speakers this size! - Max volume still sounds really clear, but it does have just a little more treble at Max volume than I would like, Max volume is definitely loud and too loud for any normal size bedroom - No real subwoofer but it has a “passive subwoofer design” on the bottom of the speaker you can see and feel this in action, it does have a little thump and vibrate to it Overall excellent speaker for this size and price point, anything better will cost you near double at this time I Played this speaker at Max volume for 6 hours and it is still playing, so the 7 hour playtime is accurate Received this product for test and review purposes Read on

Great Buy!, 2015-10-14

By Dennis R.

Outstanding sound for the price point. Easy set up for either blue tooth or to a laptop via cable. Read on

Bluetooth connection is good., 2015-10-14

By John Davie

This speaker rocks! Bluetooth connection is good. Read on

Amazing, 2015-10-14

By Pinto

I love this little thing, and that is why this is my 2nd purchase of this item. I was skeptical about it because of the pricing, but then once I finally had a chance to see it work, the sound was really good. I didn't want to spend money on a fancy stereo, and I wanted something that I could just play some music around my 2 bedroom home. This did the job and then some. Read on

surprisingly good!, 2015-10-14

By C. Curvey

this little guy has surprisingly good sound. I had a previous Oontz which was OK. This one is nice and loud, with pretty good bass. For the price, I don't think it can be beat. Read on

Good bang for the buck, 2015-10-13

By Trevor Shields

This speaker is awesome for the money. I use it to ride my bike to work and it's plenty loud to hear over traffic and has a nice clean sound. Read on

Quality for a great price, 2015-10-13

By Amanda

Simple Bluetooth hookup to your device. Quality sound for a great price. Great portable speaker for a tailgate, beach day, pool, etc Read on

gets loud and has great sound for the, 2015-10-13

By Ethan Weber

works well, haven't had the battery die on me. haven't tested water resistance and hopefully won't have to! gets loud and has great sound for the price Read on

Five Stars, 2015-10-13

By Dan Conner

Great sound from such a small speaker! Love the portability! Very solid construction. Read on

Big things come in small packages, 2015-10-13

By maddog53

This is my first Bluetooth speaker. I remember seeing reviews on the first gen of this speaker and wondering what the heck it was. I had no need for one at the time. I camp a lot and bring my heavy boom box, which by the way has GREAT bass response. This speaker has by no means, the bass of my boom box, but for the portability this offers, and the super price, I am hooked. It has very good bass for something this size. I carry it around and set it in the Amazon box it came in and that seems to add to the bass and over all sound. For the price, as a secondary unit, this is an awesome unit. I highly recommend it... Read on

Five Stars, 2015-10-12

By Scott Alexander

Great sound for such a low price. We now have 3 in our home. Love it. Read on

A good speaker. A great value!, 2015-10-12

By Michael D Vasta

I've purchased quite a few portable bluetooth speakers. I was pleasantly surprised by the OontZ Angle (a previous model). I liked it better than most, so I picked up a few more for relatives. I saw the OontZ Angle 3 and wanted to try it. It does seem to have a little more bass than the previous one and is quite reasonable for such a small speaker. I don't want to over-sell the bass, after all, it is a small speaker, but for it's size, it is respectable. The sound and the range are good. It is great for audiobooks and podcasts. The battery life is also very good. I listen to it for at least an hour each morning and only charge it once a week. I still have the other model and use them in different rooms with several different devices and all of them pair easily and quickly. I had a problem with another manufacturer's speakers pairing but never had a problem the the OontZ speakers. Read on

Awesome little sound machine, 2015-10-12

By Amazon Customer

Amazing little speaker! I have bought several of these blue tooth connected speakers but have never been happy with any of them. The battery fails too soon, not the sound I was hoping for. I searched for a long time and came upon this little Angle 3 and it all sounded good on the website, although I know how advertising and marketing works. I gave it a chance and ordered one. Unbelievable, the amount of sound that comes out of this speaker. I had it cranked and it sounded great. No distortion, good sound across all the ranges. I quickly ordered three more for my kids and they say the same thing. "That thing bumps!" they tell me, whatever that means. I am 58 and my kids are 27 to 33 years old. I would say it works for whatever kind of music you want to put through it. Very satisfied, glad I bought it. Read on

good product. thank you, 2015-10-12

By Megan M.

quick shipment, good product. thank you! Read on

Great speaker, 2015-10-12

By A. Standiford

Loud and durable! Read on

Surprising sound from small speaker, 2015-10-12

By Amazon Customer

Great little speaker - good price and good sound. Works really easily. Gave as gift and received very well. Read on

Five Stars, 2015-10-12

By kimmyw24

Excellent speaker, the sound quality is amazing! Read on

perfect I love it, 2015-10-12

By Frank chavez

perfect I love it, only downside is that the speaker doesn't have options to switch the songs like if your in the shower and don't wanan touch a phone easily just press the splash proof buttons... Other than that j am totally satisfied with this product, will buy again once this thing burns out Read on

Sound quality is awesome. Somehow this tiny unit has respectable bass, 2015-10-12

By Symon

I was sceptical based on the size of this unit but I felt at the price (approx $30) this purchase was not too much of a risk. I will buy more! This thing is insane! Bluetooth connection was painless. Sound quality is awesome. Somehow this tiny unit has respectable bass. Do it, you won't be sorry! Read on

Five Stars, 2015-10-11

By Anthony Pruitt

I am amazed at the sound quality of this small speaker. I love it. Read on

Good for audiobooks when driving., 2015-10-10

By Charles J. Bumgardner

I am a FedEx driver, and wanted a bluetooth speaker that would let me listen to music and especially audiobooks as I drove around. I purchased the first generation OontZ speaker OontZ Angle Bluetooth Speaker [ORIGIINAL] Ultra Portable Wireless with Built in Mic up to 10 Hour Playtime works with iPhone iPad tablet Samsung and smart phones - Black Grille, and it served my purposes fairly well. It wasn't loud enough for our larger package trucks, but for the smaller ones, it worked fairly well. It was a bit of a strain to hear it, though, at highway speeds. I had a charging issue with the speaker after I had been using it for 8 months; I charged it all night, and the next day, it would run for a little while and go dead. I contacted Cambridge, and a helpful rep named Jennifer cheerfully offered to ship me the new OontZ Angle 3 as a free replacement for my older generation model that was acting up. It arrived two days later, and I've been loving it ever since. Even apart from their willingness to replace my product, the customer service is outstanding. Pros: It is louder. I had mentioned that the previous generation was difficult to hear at highway speeds; not the Angle 3. (FedEx Express drivers, note: this speaker will overcome the engine noise for the old Sprinters, the newer Benzes, and of course, the Nissans and the ancient Ford panel vans. The larger W700 and W900 vehicles are still just too loud for this sort of speaker, IMO). I love the play/pause button on the end of the speaker, which allows me to pause an audiobook without messing with my phone. The manual says that this button doesn't work with all apps, but it does work with the Audible app I use. The styling of the Angle 3 is superior to the earlier generation. The stick-on rubber knobs on the bottom of the earlier generation have been replaced by two inch-and-a-half-long rubber strips set into recesses on the bottom of the speaker. I have both in front of me; a gentle push will move the old generation speaker across the table with some resistance, but the Angle 3 is much more resistant to moving. One of the rubber knobs had come off the old model, and I had to stick it back on; I don't see how that sort of thing would even be possible with the Angle 3. As well, there is a rubber-like covering on both ends, and this makes the speaker less angular and "sharp". As with the old speaker, the battery life is truly outstanding. I have been surprised at how long a single charge will last. I'm no expert, but I find the clarity of the sound excellent. It certainly serves my purposes for listening to audiobooks. My single "con" for the speaker is that it shuts down (to conserve battery) after fifteen minutes of non-use, if it is not plugged in. Not that it's difficult to turn back on! But I'd prefer an option that lets it remain on indefinitely. But that is a minor detail, and doesn't keep me from rating this a 5-star product. Read on