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OontZ XL Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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Our team of industrial designers and acoustical engineers worked in tandem to deliver a light weight high fidelity portable speaker, with excellent bass output; loud enough for parties and to fill even a large room with high quality sound. 

They designed an enclosure that is ultra-rigid, to minimize unwanted resonances, which can otherwise cause distortion.  They utilized a soft curve design for the front of the OontZ XL and a hemispherical design for the rear to alleviate the potential for diffraction problems that are caused by sharp corners and to help minimize vibration and distortion.   They incorporated a hemispherical design for the rear, substantially reducing the potential for distortion and vibration.

Our acoustical engineers then expertly matched the custom enclosure with two custom designed precision drivers that provide sharp highs and clear midrange. They implemented a tri-passive radiator design to deliver deep bass output.  The design layout of the three passive radiators has one facing forward and two facing backward serving to further reduce the potential for sound distortion and vibration.  The result is the OontZ XL which produces surprisingly loud volume, in high quality without distortion even at maximum volume.