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Cambridge SoundWorks - is highly regarded for designing some of the best sounding high-end home speakers, home theater systems, WiFi music systems and now the OontZ family of Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers. We sell all our speakers directly to you our customer, eliminating the huge mark-up that retailers add to the price of a product.  We can then deliver high quality better sounding OontZ speakers with exceptional design at less than half the price of our top competitors.

The OontZ XL - Our team of industrial designers and acoustical engineers worked in tandem to deliver a light weight high fidelity portable speaker, with excellent bass output; loud enough for parties and to fill even a large room with high quality sound.  They designed an enclosure that is ultra-rigid, to minimize unwanted resonances, which can otherwise cause distortion.  They utilized a soft curve design for the front of the OontZ XL and a hemispherical design for the rear to alleviate the potential for diffraction problems that are caused by sharp corners and to help minimize vibration and distortion.   They incorporated a hemispherical design for the rear, substantially reducing the potential for distortion and vibration.

Our acoustical engineers then expertly matched the custom enclosure with two custom designed precision drivers that provide sharp highs and clear midrange. They implemented a tri-passive radiator design to deliver deep bass output.  The design layout of the three passive radiators has one facing forward and two facing backward serving to further reduce the potential for sound distortion and vibration.  The result is the OontZ XL which produces surprisingly loud volume, in high quality without distortion even at maximum volume.


'Champagne at a Beer's Price'

Review by Amazon Customer M. Garic "TruthTracker":

'Excellent speaker for a portable USB speaker. Between my husband and myself we have all three of Soundwork's Speakers and we are extremely happy with each of them. This one is obviously the best as per the price but it's still amazing value for the quality of sound that you get. If you are looking for audiophile quality sound then don't buy a portable,USB speaker, however if you are after an excellent quality USB speaker then you can't go past this one! The bass is deep and rich without being overpowering for the sake of it. It is well balanced with the rich and clear mid range and the nice clear tops. The overall sound is warm yet each level is distinctively clear and rich and the volume is great! Even at high volume it doesn't distort. The build quality is excellent too. It looks great and so is it's distinctive shape. It's nice to touch too with the soft touch coating that's used on it. Some have said it smudges easily, however unless you have very damp or greasy hands I've not had any problems with it. The only time was when I had just put moisturiser on my hands and it easily wiped off with a couple of wipes. There are other speakers out there that could compare to this however you will pay at least double for the privilege! Thank you to Soundwork's for making a such wonderful quality speaker at such a low price!' - review on Amazon.com

"The Oontz XL is the best speaker of its general form factor I've heard" "The new OontZ XL
has lots of 'oomph'"
"A Punchy Bluetooth Speaker That Won't Bruise Your Wallet"
-- Don Lindich
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The OontZ XL Specifications

How Portable is it?

  • Lightweight - just  1.85 lbs (840 grams)
  • Length just 10.2 in (259 mm)
  • Height is just 3.5 in (89 mm)
  • Depth is just 3.4 in (86.4 mm)
  • No sharp edges, no Sharp Corners, comfortable to hold and take with you


Bluetooth Support

  • The OontZ XL can playback music wirelessly from most Bluetooth enabled devices that support A2DP* and AVRCP* these devices include: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android smartphones and tablets.

    *A2DP stands for advanced audio distribution profile;

    *AVRCP stands for audio/video remote control profile, required for media control

Listening to devices without Bluetooth

  • Listen to any device, laptop or computer with a headphone jack, or audio line out.*
  • Use the included 3.5mm audio cable to connect your device to the OontZ XL

    *The audio controls for track selection when using the 3.5mm audio cable are on the device only

Power and Battery

  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Charges from included Dual Voltage power adapter 110/220 VAC
  • Up to 10 hours* play time when fully charged and playing at about 2/3 of full volume level.

    * The play time will vary for a number of reasons including the playing volume,
    device, connection and content. 

Charge your Device while you Play

  • USB charging connector – connect your USB charging cable to charge your Smartphone or device while playing. This connector is for charging only not for data.
  • When charging your device the OontZ XL will have up to 6 hours* playtime when fully charged and playing at about 2/3 of full volume level.

    * The play time will vary for a number of reasons including the playing volume, device, connection and content.  At full volume the playtime will be up to 10 hours

Personal Wireless Hands Free Speaker Phone

  • The OontZ XL will work as a hands free speaker phone with iPhone and Android Smartphones with a wireless Bluetooth connection to Smartphones that fully support HFP* in addition to A2DP and AVRCP
  • Built in Microphone

      *HFP stands for Hand-free profile

In the Box - Contents

  • The OontZ XL –Portable wireless Bluetooth speaker
  • Dual Voltage power adapter 110/220 VAC
  •  3.5mm Audio line-in cable
  • The OontZ XL User Guide


Click here to download the OontZ XL manual

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Wirelessly connect to your Bluetooth device:
iPhones, iPads, Smartphones, Tablets, iPods

Listen to Your Music, YouTube, Games & Movies in High Quality Anywhere You Are

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