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    Confirm the Firmware Version of your OontZ Angle 3XL

    Be sure your OontZ Angle 3XL is turned off with the AUX IN cable unplugged and no USB drive inserted. The following steps will help you identify your current firmware version:

    Step 1 : Power on the OontZ Angle 3XL by pressing and releasing the On/Off Button

    Step 2 : 
    Open the Connector Flap on the rear of your OontZ Angle 3XL

    Step 3 : Insert the AUX IN 3.5mm audio cable into the AUX IN Jack (figure 3-a), the Bluetooth Indicator Light will turn green (figure 3-b) and you will hear the voice prompt: “AUX IN Source

     figure 3-a figure 3-b

    Step 4 : Press and Hold the Back/Previous Track button for 5 seconds (figure 4-a)

    figure 4-a

    The Red light will flash X number of times, followed by the Blue light flashing Y number of times, indicating Firmware Version X.Y

    For example, if your OontZ Angle 3XL firmware is Version 3.1 then you will see the Red light flash 3 times, then the blue light will flash 1 time. The speaker will then automatically enter into standby mode, flashing the Red light once.

    figure 4-b

    After checking your Firmware Version the Volume, Bluetooth, and Dual Pairing settings will have been cleared.   You will need to re-pair your device to your speaker.   If you have two OontZ Angle 3XL speakers you will need to pair them together again.