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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ for OontZ Products)


    1. Why is my OontZ speaker not showing up on my device?

      Your OontZ speaker may already be paired with a device. Hold down the Bluetooth button for 5 seconds, which will put this speaker into pairing mode. After this, the speaker should be discoverable when your device scans for other Bluetooth devices.

    2. What devices will work with my OontZ speaker?

      OontZ speakers are compatible with most Bluetooth devices, including any iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, most Android phones and tablets, as well as both Mac and PC computers.

    3. Where can I find the drivers if my computer is asking for them?

      Firstly, OontZ speakers are not equipped with drivers. If your computer is asking for drivers, it may be that you have to download the latest drivers for your specific computer. These drivers come from the website of your computer manufacturer. In order to do this, you must know your computer manufacturer’s model type and model number. After downloading the necessary drivers, you need to restart your computer and attempt to pair with your OontZ speaker again.

    4. How many OontZ speakers can I connect to one device?

      You can pair multiple OontZ products to one device, although, only one OontZ speaker can be played at a time.

    5. Can I connect and play multiple OontZ speakers to the same device?

      No, only one OontZ speaker can be connected and played from a device at a time.

    6. Why do the volume controls not work?

      If connected through an auxiliary cable, volume can only be controlled through your device.

    7. With a micro-USB cable, I have connected my OontZ to my laptop via its USB port. Why is it not charging?

      If your OontZ speaker is completely out of charge, connecting the speaker to a laptop may not be sufficient enough to charge it. Try connecting to a wall charger.

    8. Where can I get a new charging cable for my OontZ speaker?

      Any micro-USB cable is sufficient for charging your OontZ speaker. They are not sold individually on, but can be found at many retail stores or online sites such as

    9. Why is my OontZ speaker not playing as loudly as before?

      As your OontZ speaker’s battery runs low, the volume output will slowly decline. To combat this issue, please charge your OontZ speaker.

    10. Can I transfer data to my OontZ speaker through a micro-USB cable?

      No, the micro-USB can only be used for charging purposes.

    11. Why is my OontZ speaker not holding its charge anymore?

      When using a computer USB to charge your OontZ speaker, over time the computer USB may not have enough power to charge the speaker, even if it still turns on when plugged in. To get the battery charged again, use a USB wall adapter to charge it for at least 3 hours; a smartphone or tablet charger will work.

    12. Why does my OontZ speaker sound very distorted when I try to play music through Bluetooth?

      Distortions may occur when there are interferences with the Bluetooth signal. By placing the speaker out of the way of any obstructions, there should be no distortion. Additionally, poor quality audio files may lead to distortion. You can fix this by removing your OontZ speaker from your paired devices list, restart your device, then re-pair to your OontZ speaker.

    13. Why is my OontZ speaker cutting out sporadically while playing music?

      Your speaker may be cutting out because the Bluetooth connection is being interfered with. Make sure there are no obstructing objects between your device and speaker.

    14. Can I use my OontZ speaker with my Bluetooth TV?

      Yes, OontZ speakers can be connected to any device with Bluetooth capability. Some TVs do require the settings to be changed in order to play through your OontZ speaker.

    15. Does my OontZ speaker support Wi-Fi?

      No, the wireless connection is Bluetooth only.

    16. What happens if I get an incoming phone call while playing music?

      Your music will be paused by the incoming phone call. After the phone call is finished or rejected, the music will resume playing.

    17. Can I make a phone call when connected to my OontZ speaker?

      Yes, OontZ speakers have speakerphone capabilities.

    18. Do OontZ speakers come with a carrying case?

      We do not sell carrying cases for any of our OontZ products.

    19. Can I buy an OontZ speaker at a retail location?

      No, currently all OontZ speakers can only be purchased online.

    20. Can I buy an OontZ speaker outside of the United States?

      No, currently OontZ speakers can only be purchased in the United States.

    21. Why does my statement show more than one pending payment?

      When the purchase is made, a pending payment is sent out to your card, this is not a charge. If your pending payment does not clear the first time, it will go through again, and again until the payment is cleared. The amount is only charged once.

    22. What is the warranty for OontZ speakers?

      OontZ speakers carry a 90-day limited hardware warranty

    23. How long will it take for my refund to be issued?

      If you return an item for a refund, it can take up to 24 hours for your refund to be processed after we receive your unit back at our facility.

    OontZ Curve FAQ

    1. Can voice prompts be disabled on my OontZ Curve?

      No, the voice prompt cannot be disabled.

    2. Why do the volume controls not work?

      If connected through an auxiliary cable, volume can only be controlled through your device. The volume controls have to be held down to affect the volume.

    OontZ Angle 2 PLUS Edition FAQ

    1. What is the difference between the OontZ Angle 2 PLUS Edition and the OontZ Angle?

      The OontZ Angle 2 PLUS Edition plays 20% louder, has a passive radiator to give it rich, deep bass, is splash and dust proof, and has a much longer battery life.

    2. What does IPX5 water resistant mean?

      IPX5 rated speakers are protected against dust, rainfall, water jets and water splashing. These speakers are not intended to be submersed completely in water.

    3. Do I have to use the Bass Pad for the OontZ Angle 2 PLUS Edition?

      It is not necessary to use the Bass Pad, but to minimize the movement of the speaker, the Bass Pad can be very helpful.

    4. Does the OontZ Angle 2 PLUS Edition come in any alternate colors?

      The OontZ Angle 2 PLUS Edition only comes in Matte Black.

    OontZ XL FAQ

    1. Where can I get a new OontZ XL charging adapter if mine is lost or broken?

      If you are unable to use your charging adapter, you can visit this link to purchase a new charging adapter.

    2. Does the OontZ XL come in any alternate colors?

      The OontZ XL only comes in Matte Black.

    3. Why doesn’t the volume stay the same when I power my OontZ XL off and on?

      The volume on your OontZ XL resets to a set volume every time it is turned off.